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Laksmhi Gurthuthi got a new bicycle!  
When our spiritual daughter Krupa visited us in Norway, it was a torture for her as I sat and watched and forced her to eat and she did not like Norwegian food. Now today she jokes about this. I want Krupa, to eat a bit more than usual so we need a woman who can cook Indian food.
This is Lakshmi Gurthuthi!
One of Krupas friends; Kamala sent her to us and Lakshmi demanded that she had to go for a while in the middle of the day and she would have food to take at home with her. As we became more familiar with her, we know she cleaned in the block ahead of us. Therefore, she had almost no time to prepare food for the handicapped daughter, who has cerebral palsy.
At once Lakshmi joined us, I could see she is used to work. Many times we go into the city and she do not need to come, but she nevertheless come later in the day to sweep the floor, even though we have said that she does not have to come. She comes early in the morning, we are early riser and she has to make breakfast and lunch for us. After she has cleaned to the family in the block, she comes back to us to clean up the diner set before she goes home with food for her little daughter Lakshmi Parvathi.
Sometimes she must have her oldest daughter, Anna Purna along to us and go with her to school when the clock approaching 9:00 am. A lot of walking back and forth, so Miracle Jensen`s Healing and Welfare Ministries give her a bicycle to facilitate her work.

Yes, here comes Lakshmi and Anna Purna an early morning.

 We hid the bike in the bathroom so she would not see it. When she was busy in the kitchen, we took it out in the living room and asked her to come there. You can see what a surprise it was for her. She had Anna Purna, the eldest daughter with her.
Krupa was going to be the photographer, she should hurry up and take the pictures and thats why they were a little unclear.
We would follow her to see how this would go. Anna Purna was already a little late for school.
We could clearly see that Lakshmi has cycled before. 
Miracle Jensen Healing and Welfare Ministries went home with her and Pavani (Krupa) Marphu was our photographer there too.

This is Laksmhi youngest daughter; Lakshmi Parvathi who has 
cerebral palsy and she is most of the time in this bed.
She is so cute and looks like a sweet little angel.
This is the house to Lakshmi and her family. It appears to be new painted.

       Lakshmis mother are living in the house besade and she is taking care of the little daughter while she is working.
 Anna Purna is her oldest daughter and she like to eat chapati.
 Lakshmi was a Christian before and Jesus still calls her. She is very God-fearing, but believe in idols.
I do not know if this is her chicken, but I remember a man in Vizag.
He had a cock as pet and every morning we could see him with the cock in bond on his way to a lake to bath the cock. It was funny.
 Lakshmi is used to work and she is fast and efficient in everything she does.
 Now and then she has to touch my computer to test if something happens on the screen.
Anna Purna is such a sweet girl!
  We had to buy her pen and paper.
  Just before my husband was going to the church to preach, he wanted to say a prayer for Lakshmi.

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