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This old lady, as we could see from our apartment in Visakhapatnam. She slept in this bed at night and the bed looked like it could collapse any time. Wry, twisted and miserable, worn-down in the middle, yes, how painfull it had to be to sleep in this bed with bad hips, such as this woman had.
 We wanted to buy her a new bed and mattress.

The sellers of the bed would like to have prayer before we were driving home again.

On the way home we saw the farmer sat in the street and milked the cow.

 We could see her from our bedroom window ...
Here comes Anil Kumar Varanasi, our spiritual son with the bed with the help from her family.
 They come onto the roof to her and tells her that she will gets a new bed.
Anil has also come up on the roof with the bed.

 He tells her that we would give her this gift, as we have seen that her bed was painful for her hips.
  She was thanking so much and now it is pointed out that we take pictures of them.
She says that her late husband was a Christian.
We had finished the day with a good deed.   

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